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Why smart personal trainers use Fit.Expert

Why smart personal trainers use Fit.Expert

1.       Get clients on your schedule

Clients have their own lives, but with Fit.Expert you can book clients to fit holes in your schedule or do sessions late at night or early in the morning 

2.       No travel time

Fit.Expert PTs can work from anywhere.  From their own home or gym, in the park or if you are lucky enough to have a beach… well you can do it from there as well

3.       Serve your existing clients better

How many times have you had a cancellation as your client was travelling with work, or working late?  Fit.Expert means you can keep clients on track no matter where they are

4.       Win new clients around the world –

If you are a specialist trainer, the local market may not be big enough.  With Fit.Expert you can win and train clients internationally    

5.       Make more money

With Fit.Expert you can squeeze more clients into a small amount of time as there is no travel time plus you can pick up clients aboard that would be happy to pay for your services.

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