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Our Mission: To revolutionise 121 Personal Training.

Our Mission: To revolutionise 121 Personal Training.

The world has changed.  My mother is now on Zoom every day.  She has placed her first online shopping order. She listens to Podcasts.  Her meme game is better than mine. WTF!

People that resisted the online world have adopted it like never before.  They have discovered that they can live ‘online’.  It isn’t how they may choose to, but some things are going to stick.  Online shopping, online classes and some of those relationships that had been all but lost.  

Before the lockdown people had also adopted on demand services.  From freelancing, to transport to food delivery.  People are able to find the expertise or service they need when they need it.  Some of these like contractors or freelancers are long term relationships, some are transactional. Personal training can bridge these.   

Introducing Fit.Expert: 

For clients: 

  • We give more choice
  • We make sessions available to fit your schedule, any time of the day or night.  
  • We make subject expert trainers more affordable and easy to find 

For PTs

  • We want to improve their earning capacity by allowing them to address a broader market 
  • Allow them to avoid gym fees
  • Make travel time a thing of the past

Whether a PT or a person wanting to get fitter or stay fitter, we would love to have you on the Fit Expert platform.  16 PTs are already signed up with a few sessions happening each day since our soft launch a couple of weeks back.   

Join the Fit Expert revolution!

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