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Take your personal trainer with you or find another to keep you on track

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YOUR FIT.EXPERT PERSONAL TRAINING STARTS HERE …No matter who, where, what time or date, we're with you every single push-up!

WHY? has you covered ...

No matter where you are, time or date, requirements, medical needs, we can arrange a personal trainer for you. Whether you want to start with a new Personal Trainer or don’t want to miss your weekly appointment with your existing Trainer, we got you covered …

We are all part of a family here at, supporting you on your personal journey. Every personal trainer is interviewed to ensure they have all the right qualifications, knowledge and experience to deliver a individualised personal training experience.

What you waiting for take your first steps into flexible Personal training!

BENEFITSOnce you try, there's no going back!

  1. Flexibility, you choose who, when and where
  2. Choose from 1000’s of Personal Trainers that suits you
  3. No travel, no wait time, comfort of your own home
  4. The cheapest Personal Trainer option out there
  5. Book a Personal Trainer within the hour
  6. Multiple payment options

MOTIVATION & SUPPORT PLANS THAT SUIT YOUFit.Expert price plans to suit any budget, any schedule!



Our most flexible package, sign in, search for a Personal Trainer, book a slot and start your first steps to reaching your goals

Complete 10 session get 1 FREE



Buy in bulk, schedule months in advance, the bulk packages are also discounted, more session more discount …

Buy 10 get 2 FREE sessions!



The BIGGER bundle’s allow Personal Trainers to mastermind a unique fitness, nutrition plan for longer term benefits.

Buy 30 get 3 FREE sessions!

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PERSONAL TRAINERS, “WE NEED YOU!”.The Personal Trainer Benefits Partnering with

WHY?Global Community of Clients

The initial idea for came from Personal Trainers themselves. Due to the issue’s encountered with the Client, Personal Trainer relationships, was born. gives the Personal Trainer the ability to keep supporting, motivating and training the client whenever, wherever they are. The Personal Trainer has the flexibility to choose their own schedules, not being restricted by those of the gym. Think of the flexibility of Uber, but for the personal training.

With you should never have a clear or missed Personal Training session slot again!

BENEFITSClient, Trainer Issues, REMOVED!

  1. No Gym fee’s or owed Gym hours
  2. Retain clients even when you or the client are on holiday etc
  3. No cancelled clients
  4. Higher booking density
  5. Do Personal training anywhere in the world at anytime
  6. Job Secruity

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Most Visited PlacesDiscover Top-Rated Local Businesses


Whether your a gym that requires flexible Personal Training to retain or educate clients on the benefits of using personal trainers.

An organisation that would like to offer their employee’s personal training at the office. A fit and healthy workforce are a motivated, happy workforce …

Or Hotels offering their guests the opportunity to take a session uniquely designed around the hotel rooms or gym. We have corporate packages to suit any business or organisation …

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